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My name is Jacqueline Meldrum and I write Little Tums and Tinned Tomatoes. I am a food writer and recipe developer who specialises in vegetarian cooking. I have been writing Little Tums since August 2011 and Tinned Tomatoes since April 2007.

I am a self-taught cook and baker, who has been cooking and baking for over 24 years now. My interest in food really developed when I became a vegetarian 22 years ago. I have been trying out new recipes since then.

I am not a dietician, so the advice I give you on this blog is from experience as a mum and all the reading I do.

I started Little Tums to house and develop recipes for babies and children. Once my little boy got to the weaning stage, I started to try out new recipes just for him. I originally posted the recipes on Tinned Tomatoes, but decided they deserved their own space. I do try to serve Cooper the same meals as us most of the time, now he is a little older, but I like to have meals prepared and stored in the fridge and freezer, for days with his grandparents or childminder and then there are days where he just doesn't like what we are having. I cannot persuade him that salad or chilli is worth eating. He is just two, so I will keep trying. We will get there in the end I am sure.

I write another two blogs. The first, I have mentioned already, is called Tinned Tomatoes, where I post my vegetarian recipes, plus lots of baking and the second is The Food Blog Diary, where I post current foodie events, giveaways and challenges.

I live in Scotland with my little boy Cooper and my husband Graham, who are my greatest fans and greatest critics.

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