Sweetcorn Bites

Cooper loves sweetcorn. He has done since he was weaned. We hadn't tried him on corn on the cob because we didn't think he would manage to eat it, that is until we were sent some Sweetcorn Bites to try.

Sweetcorn Bites come in a sealed bag, you can pop in your fridge and the bites are just right for little hands. The Bites are 100% natural and grown with love on the UK’s Barfoots of Botleys’ farms. Each bag contains eight bite size pieces, which can be microwaved in the bag for added convenience, cooked on the stove or even eaten raw.

Cooper now loves corn on the cob. If he is having a light meal of dippy egg and toast soldiers, I now give him a couple of these cobs to eat while he is waiting and of course I have a couple too, just to make sure they are good you understand.

Sweetcorn Bites are available to buy in Tesco and Waitrose stores nationwide, along with online retailer, Ocado.

Disclosure Statement: I received Sweetcorn Bites free from the company to review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


  1. These look the perfect size to snack on. I am going to look for them for my little girl Louise. I think she will enjoy them. Carol

    1. Hi Carol, I am sure she will enjoy them :)

  2. Sylvia loves corn on the cob (when not being fussy!) I buy it fresh and cut it into smaller pieces with a large chef's knife. Am interested how you cool it for cooper. I used to put it in the freezer but now have started to leave it in a tub of cold water which seems quicker. Sylvia wont eat it if it is too hot!

  3. Ooo I've been buying the 4 pack of fresh ones from tesco, think they're slightly bigger than this, but this might be a better idea... Xx

  4. Hey Johanna, I just put a little butter on it and leave it aside for a couple of minutes, it cools down pretty quick.

    They are lovely Mother Hen. We had them tonight and Cooper had the little cob forks in them for the first time. Although, I did have to take one of him after he removed it from the cob and started fiddling with it :)



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