Winners of the TumTum Trainee Lunch Bags

Now in the past Cooper has been a great one for pulling the winner's name out of a hat, but today he was in a cheeky mood and just kept throwing all the names in the air as you will see. We eventually got there, but we had to come back to it later. Congratulations to my three winners and a big thanks to TumTum for providing us with three of the cutest lunch bags to give away.


I couldn't get in touch with one of the winners. I have waited and waited, but have had to redraw the prize. Here is the third winner of a lunch bag.

Congratulations to Louise over at Comida y Vida.


  1. Aw he's so cute. Well done Cooper and the winners of course.

  2. Boy oh boy Janice, it took some work to get him to just pull one name out at a time and not 100.



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