Ice Lolly for Baby

We all enjoy an ice lolly on a hot day. It seems a shame that baby would miss out on such a treat, but when you have a baby you are constantly on the alert for sugar, salt and other hidden nasties.

I make all of Cooper's food, so I can be sure that whatever he eats is pure and good for him. One of the few exceptions I make is baby yoghurt, the kind which is just sweetened with fruit puree and he loves it.

When my mother-in-law suggested making ice lollies out of baby yoghurt, I thought it was a fabulous idea. It was so simple too. No need for lolly moulds to make these lollies. All you do is slit the lid of the yoghurt pot with a lollypop stick or do what Jean did and use a baby spoon, even easier, then just pop them in the freezer until frozen.

As you will see from the photos, Cooper loved his yoghurt ice lolly.


  1. He looks so delicious, I could eat him up! The yoghurt pops looks great too. Wonderful Idea that I'll share with my daughter... not to mention have a stash in the freezer when my angels come for a visit.

    Great blog, BTW

  2. That is so funny, great idea for a simple and safe ice for a baby.

  3. He did love it Janice, my cute, baldy baby (Cooper that is) :)

  4. I did this with my son on Monday and have blogged about it today and lnked back to you here... thank you so much for this wonderful idea, i am a huge fan of healhty stuff and was not hapy giving him ice cream just get only home made juice lollies, but this is great, not even a lolly mould needed much less cleaning for me hurrah!



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